Trash Chute Cleaning Services

a clean garbage chute

Below are our recommended schedules for trash chute cleaning. Need a custom solution? Get in touch!

Option 1 – Good: 1- 2 cleans per year

This entails a clean every 6 or 12 months. It includes the complete
cleaning, sanitising and deodorising of the entire chute, hand cleaning
of all hopper doors, high pressure cleaning of garbage exit area and compactor.

Option 2 – Better: 3 cleans per year

This entails a clean every 4 months.

This service inhibits the build up of deposits in the chute and breaks the breeding cycle for pests and vermin in and around the chute system.

Option 3 – Best: 4 cleans per year

This entails a clean every 3 months (complete clean as per Option 1). This option assures you of a healthy chute and by arranging to do this just before your 3 monthly pest control visits you have demonstrated to your residents and guests that health and safety are a priority in your building.

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